OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference 2018

what is OpenMRS ?


OpenMRS(Open Medical Record System) is a not-for-profit project led by Regenstrief Institute ( a world-renowned leader in medical informatics research) and Partners In Health (a Boston-based nonprofit health care organization). It is basically a software platform which enables design of a customized medical records system which requires no programming knowledge at all. OpenMRS was created in 2004 as a open source medical record system platform for developing countries to prevent and treat diseases more efficiently.

OpenMRS software is in use around the world and is supported by many organizations including international and government aid groups, NGO’s, as well as for-profit and non-profit corporations. Visit the official OpenMRS webpage to know more: https://openmrs.orgomrs feedbck

What are OpenMRS Implementers’ conferences ?

OpenMRS conferences are meetings which aim to bring together health care professionals and OpenMRS developers together to work together, share ideas and find new ways to improve OpenMRS.

OpenMRS Conference 2018

OMRS18 logo big.png

OpenMRS have announced its Implementers’ conference for the year 2018 which is to be hosted in Nairobi Kenya from 4th – 8th December, 2018. “Our hosts, the Kenya Ministry of Health, the Kenya Health Informatics Association and the OpenMRS Kenya Community have organised a planning committee over the past few weeks, and they have set up regular planning meetings with the OpenMRS Events Team to ensure this is a world class event”-says the OpenMRS team.

The announcement article can be viewed here:

OpenMRS Implementers’ conference will be held in Nairobi Kenya from 4th – 8th December, 2018.


Registration for the event is open and can be done by visiting:


Updated On: 14/11/2018




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